Brenda Garcia

I started with this gym during a “6 Week Challenge”. I was very skeptical in the beginning because I’ve never been the one to work well in groups and in the gym setting I’m definitely the one with headphones on and zoned in. I had hit a plateau and couldn’t find any way on my own to get over it so i took the leap and joined the Challenge. The nutritional plan that came with the challenge was very different then the plan i has been used to but i was open to it and i definitely learned more about how to eat properly while working out. i had been working out in a completely different style for so long as well that this new style took some getting used to but after a week or 2, i began to enjoy it! These workouts are very difficult but so worth it! The progress I’ve seen since coming to this gym has been awesome! I’m also starting to enjoy the community aspect of the gym. The coaches are awesome! They are so willing to teach and make sure that you are using the correct form it really boosted my trust in them which is why i ended up joining the gym for 3 months after the initial 6 Week Challenge!